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The author of this fanfic has been featured here before - I am talking of the very talented and highly prolific Gyzym - and this time it is a story about the unassuming Molly Hooper from the BBC Sherlock series. The story is titled An Avalanche of Detour Signs and it follows Molly throughout the key moments in her life, including meeting DI Lestrade, meeting Sherlock, her relationship with Jim and the aftermath of The Great Game events, the horrible Christmas scene at 221B Baker Street - all the way up to Sherolck's Great Disappearing Act and three years later when he returns.It is a story about an ordinary woman with no great ambitions, but who gets caught between the "knocking shoulders" of two great and terrible egos. 

Gyzym is very good at making her readers care more for Molly than anyone else (including Sherlock himself), mainly through the care and thoughtfulness of "secondary characters" such as DI Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Anthea and Mycroft. Before you start reading though, be sure to read the trigger warnings because this is most definitely not a fairy tale and it will go to deep dark places.

Warning: chocolate (in any form you can secure it) will be needed - the trauma, you see - it helps.

Now, go forth and read, my lovelies.
Perhaps I am a bit more biased in recommending this little fic than I usually tend to be, and that is only because Erik here is a Mighty Viking with long red hair. Viking usually does it for me, but add in long, red hair and I am a quivering mess drooling on my keyboard. So please bare this in mind when  clicking that link...

The story I selected for this post is Beloved of Ravens by Khaleesian. I found her story in the bookmarks of another favorite author of mine (Subtilior, whose story I aim to cover as soon as she updates the latest installment). It is set in tenth century AD, and Charles is a merchant's son who is very wary about using his power. Erik is the Viking that pillages Charles' village and takes Charles as his slave. Do not fear, though - this is not a non-con/rape thing. The emphasis is placed more on Charles' coming to terms with his powers and feeling, because Erik is much more the wiser, grounded one. Also, very experienced.

The reason I like this fic (and I do like it - I read it three times over last night) is because of the special attention Khaleesian pays to the little things, such as Charles' exile, the way he starts picking up on things (language, skills, social order, customs), but also the easy transition between the mundane and the thoroughly intense moments between the two main characters. Her writing style is very visual, and  the scenes flow in a cinematic succession - which I enjoyed greatly. There is also a token mention of Raven, which manages to add depth to the story, and opens the story up for a possible sequel. I hope the author will consider taking the story further, as she is doing a very good job of getting us hooked on her vision.

This is where I sign off and let you enjoy the story, but I leave you with this: do read the warnings carefully before you go any further.

The Little Charles&Erik Fic That Could

Hello, hello to one and all!

The X-Men: FC fandom might know this one - as I came across it while exploring the corresponding tag on Tumblr: it is a very well written story called Carpe Brewski and is authored by the very talented gyzym

In this fic, we have a predictably straight-laced Charles in his first year of college befriending the talented, gifted yet oh-so-troubled Erik. There's no superpowers (unless you count the superpower of drinking like a frat boy), but there are a lot of good laughs and some neat pranks ( dildo-studded mail box - I am looking at you) and a really unexpected, yet pleasant guest appearance in the role of the dean. There is angst, and fluf, and hot&sexy times, but no end of the story to speak of (yet).
 Gyzym is very talented and highly versatile (she writes for a dozen fandoms), and if you read some of the blog entries featuring her family life you will definitely appreciate her writing even more.

Now go forth and read, my lovelies!

Do you do J2 AU?

 This particular brand of fanfic (J2, whether AU or not) was a very delicate subject for me. I have consciously avoided it before, and I only allowed myself to read a few recently. I had my hang-ups over it, but now here I am recommending a J2 AU story which I found very interesting and very well written. If this is not your cup of tea, just move on - I completely understand.

So, you want to read it then?

Ok, the story is called Bulletproof by fleshflutter and it features a young actor!Jared - out of work and needing money - working as a chauffeur/bodyguard to the very expensive escort!Jensen. Other known actors from the show and from the RL entourage of the boys make an appearance, as well as some family members.
What I like most about the story is the slow build-up: J&J are not friendly straight off the bat, and the sexing doesn't come until very late in the show. There is plenty of angst and some very dramatic scenes, but it is all worth it because the boys are so good together. It makes for a long read, so pace yourself: keep tissues at hand, hydrate as often as you can, and when you finish reading the story try remembering it was all fiction (I had difficulty with that part for a week after reading it...).

Enjoy, my lovelies.

 Well, Devil's Trill has the detailed and very explicit answer to that question. InvisibleSpork writes a one-shot, smut-to-the-brim-yet-very-educated fic about the 221B Baker Street boys (from the BBC Sherlock, not the films, or older TV shows - just,  FYI). The story is set around a beautiful piece of music for the violin that leads to a predictably hot outcome.

I love this (and recommend this story) for three main reasons:
1. it's about John and Sherlock;

2. it has awesome gay sex;

3. the music (when you listen to it) does exactly what it says in the story.

Besides that, we get to enjoy watching Sherlock unleash all his powers of genius in the art of seduction. John - and you - won't stand a chance.

Read at your leisure, but be prepared to never being able to hear Devil's Trill and not thinking about them two. 

Enjoy, my lovelies...enjoy.

 Bent But Not Breaking is a rare kind, short little fic written by one amazing author. I particularly like her stories because she rarely sugar-coats them. There is no sentimentalism in the way she writes the main characters, but she still shows a lot of affection for them. She gets Dean very well, and more surprisingly - she is one of the few authors I came across that truly gets Bela. 

The story has a subtle wincest undercurrent, but do not be fooled by the smut premise/promise - it is an emotional journey. With sex. The best kind, basically.

Brief review so you can get on with reading it. Then you may have a sandwich.

The Last Outpost of All That Is is a brilliant and long Wincest story about Sam and Dean and the aftermath of the apocalypse. It is written in third person POV, so we do not get the subjectivity of either Sam nor Dean's POV - but genkizetsu does not give away anything in advance. We find out what is going on along with the brothers, and we also witness to their actions and reactions without much prejudice or bias. The judgement-free voice of the narrator comes to reinforce the overall God-less world atmosphere of the story, and sets the perfect background for the wincest story-line by removing the "what will the world think" anxiety. There be no instant gratification here, either - just a slow-burning build-up and some tear-inducing and very matter-of-fact narrative. Be prepared to give the story 2 or 3 days to read it, as it will take its toll on you. Keep tissues at hand, coffee and make sure to take a 10 min break every 4 hours.

FYI: Once you read this, you will be prone to thinking about surviving apocalyptic situations, so make sure you make your survival plan afterwards (it will put your mind at ease).

Destiel via proxy: When Play Turns Bitter

 Here is a lovely multi-part fic writtent by nanoochka, on a version of Destiel that uses a proxy. It has a very interesting premise, but one that is guaranteed to break your Destiel-shipping hearts. As nanoochka explains - Destiel is a well-traveled path lovely - therefore it needs some mixing up:

"I’m more curious about how Dean would handle getting involved with another man. There are a lot of fun implications not only for his sexual identity, but how Castiel might respond to such a thing, so I figured to just forge ahead and see how things work out."

What I love most about this fic is that we get to see Dean building a relationship with someone other than the the usual suspects, all on the backdrop of his love and longing for Cas. Also, although there are hints to Cas and Dean having a certain kind of history together, we do not get the instant gratification of knowing right away where things are with the two of them. The more we learn tho, the more the heart breaks for them, and the more we want to see Dean actually find his happiness with someone else. I actually found myself actively rooting for Kurt rather than Cas, even though I started reading the story because it was tagged as Destiel - but I am pretty sure that's what nanoochka was after to begin with.

The story has a Dean more focused on the little things of his life, much more in tune with his feelings than the show version ( but not that much to make him OOC), has Sam being his observant, yet easy-going self (not a very good cook, though), Cas - mostly through Dean's POV and a hot gorgeous new character that will make you fall in love with him even before Dean gets to.
There is not much emphasis on hunting as such(as the boys are somewhat retired), but it still plays a key role in the story and Dean's character development. No gore, though - so if that's what you came looking for, you probably won't get your fix. The story can be read in about 10 to 12 hours, depending on your speed and availability - but keep some tissues at hand as you might have a sob or two...
I truly hope you will enjoy this gem.